Afterthought Booties Revisited: Origami fun for Knitters

It’s been a while since this free pattern was available to knitters so I’m really pleased to be able to rectify that. Pleased in no short measure because it’s reminded me what fun these booties were to knit and make up, and to recall the serendipitous route they took from failed swatch to successful project. Since the pattern was originally released 2013, I’ll take a few moments to explain. Following the publication of my Lovely … More Afterthought Booties Revisited: Origami fun for Knitters

Afterthought Booties

This pattern really was a matter of serendipity. Following the design of my Lovely for Lavender hexagonal lavender bags with stranded colourwork, I wanted to work more with the hexagonal shape and envisaged a sock yarn leftovers knitted quilt. However, I wasn’t sure about knitting that many hexagons to the same pattern so tried out a few other increase options for a bit of variety. My first attempt was to use yarn overs, but absent-mindedly … More Afterthought Booties