About Me

I’m Tess Young. Originally from the south coast of England, I’ve lived in Finland, the USA and Scotland, and now find myself in the north west of England.

My work as a knitwear designer is inspired by a number of passions, including the coast, the mountains and cities, combined with a love of textile and ceramic design and architecture. My designs aim to marry form with function, mobilising the characteristics of natural materials, underpinned by a strong vintage inspired aesthetic and an attention to detail borrowed from the couture approach to handmade.

My designs have featured in collections by Quince & Co and I am currently collaborating with Susan Crawford and Karie Westermann on the Knits for a Cold Climate Collection.

Ongoing projects include:

  • An exploration of ‘cottage knitting’ in Dorset where I grew up, which draws on oral and economic histories of piecework for local and distant markets.
  • 2 collections of handknitting designs, one inspired by the work of The Glasgow Four and the other by the work of Dorset novelist and poet Thomas Hardy.

I can be found on Ravelry as TessVintageKnits  on Twitter as TessYoung1 and Instagram as TessYoungDesignsandMakes

You can also contact me via the form below:


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you so much for the free patterns I have downloaded from this site. I usually sell them for Breakthrough Cancer. But have just finished knitting 120 Christmas puddings for table decorations at our Pensioners Christmas party. Hope they like them.


    1. Wow, after 120 I hope they like them too, but I’m sure they will, most people seem to find them fun.
      I’m pleased the knitted items from the patterns are being put to such generous use, good luck with your continued fundraising 🙂


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