Christmas knitting in June? Gift Knitting Pt 2

Back in May Susan Crawford posted an image on Instagram of a Shetland shawl recipe from the mid 1880s. It has a two row repeat for the central section to be knitted until ‘enough is done’ at which point you cast off and then you do the edging for which ‘any fancy stitch will do’. At the time I cast on in an undyed yarn and tried it out. It soon dawned on me that a … More Christmas knitting in June? Gift Knitting Pt 2

Small World

October wasn’t a great month for me. I had a pretty bad car accident and whilst I wasn’t badly hurt it really shook me up and took a while for me to get my head around what had happened. It did mean that my head wasn’t in a good place for work and dealing with spreadsheets and data and instead I focussed on some new designs. Working out the crown decreases on a hat was … More Small World