Natural Dyeing Experiments: Quince leaves

The mature quince tree we have in the garden is a continual source of joy and pleasure. It has sculptural presence that provides shade in the summer and the oh, so sweet smell of ripening quinces as autumn becomes winter. Whilst the fruits become jam, jelly or marmellata/membrillo/cheese, I was keen to see if the leaves would work as a dye source, and oh my, it really didn’t disappoint. I had explored the potential of … More Natural Dyeing Experiments: Quince leaves

Natural Dyeing Experiments: Old Man’s Beard or Travellers Joy

Old Man’s Beard, Traveller’s Joy or Clematis Vitalba was an iconic part of traditional British hedgerows when and where I grew up. As kids we loved those hairy fronds that appeared around about the same time as blackberries. As a gardener however, too much of the old boy in the hedgerow is a pest. I’m not alone in thinking this and clematis vitalba for all its charms has become regarded as an invasive species in … More Natural Dyeing Experiments: Old Man’s Beard or Travellers Joy

Vintage Knitting Finds

I thought I’d share a couple of great vintage patterns I got recently, one of which I will probably never knit and another that I’ve been swatching for. I came upon these patterns whilst I was visiting my parents in Dorset before Easter. One of the local charity shops had opened up a vintage room upstairs so I just had to check it out. I think both patterns date from the 1930s and both appear … More Vintage Knitting Finds

Knitting and Dyeing going on…

Yes, despite being quiet on the subject for a while there has been knitting going on over the last few months, lots of it in fact. Whilst we were away not only did we visit some awesome places, I also got to knit in them, working up samples and perfecting a new pattern and doodling ideas for new patterns. So I have a new shawl pattern that is currently with testknitters and already the feedback is … More Knitting and Dyeing going on…