Dorset Downs: Across the generations

To celebrate the diversity of British sheep breeds this Wool Week I want to turn to one of my favourites and a family revelation. I’ve always had a soft spot for Dorset Downs. They’re the sheep I associate with my childhood and who could not love that typically ‘teddy bear’ style Down with it’s distinctive brown face. But this weekend I found out our family has longer standing association with the Dorset Down. Whilst visiting my parents … More Dorset Downs: Across the generations

Waterfalling, every which way

The valley is quite unique. For a start it’s a very steep valley never wider than 500m across whilst in excess of 2000m at the sides. A glacial trough within a glacial cirque there is a fair bit of scree which may have many walkers, me included, wincing, but the glacial activity does mean that when you get up high you get a fair few surprises in the landscape. The main peak in the valley … More Waterfalling, every which way

Nothing New under the Knitter’s Sun?

The Spring/Summer Issue of Designer Knitting (Vogue Knitting In the US) carries a feature by Carol J. Sulcoski A Brief History of Circular Needles. The article points out that whilst knitting in the round is nothing new, the transition from doing so on double pointed needles to circular needles is a relatively new development. Reviewing evidence from US patents, the first flexible cable with fixed needles at each end appears to have been patented by … More Nothing New under the Knitter’s Sun?