Wandering Lyonnaise II

Goodness, how time flies. Work has been a little crazy so I have been a little negligent here, but here we go with the second installment of our trip to Lyon. As we usually have little time to explore Lyon and we pass through, we decided to put this right as we had a few days this time, so we went exploring. Part of this exploration was around the Croix-Rousse a hilltop area that has … More Wandering Lyonnaise II

Wandering Lyonnaise I

It seems that I failed to mention that the Wedding for which I knitted the ‘Wedding Cardigan’ was in Lyon. Whilst we’ve driven around Lyon’s one way system many times, and nearly got the car towed by accidentally parking overnight in a car park that was the site of the next day’s market, we’ve generally only passed through with a briefest of stop-offs. Mostly we pass through on our way back from Italy, stopping off overnight, … More Wandering Lyonnaise I