Preserving and Making Space: My Adventures in Marmalade

We were still mid move when I first drafted this post but as I publish we’ve been ‘here’ 6 weeks. Actually since we officially moved, and by that I mean sold out house and had to vacate it earlier than planned, I’ve actually been back in the UK finishing up some fieldwork, come back to our first visitors and since they left, finished one of the 3 work projects I still have outstanding. But anyway, … More Preserving and Making Space: My Adventures in Marmalade

A Darwinian Hybrid

One of the nicest things about having an allotment is seeing things re-emerge in spring bringing colour back to the plot. For me this means seeing the ‘Cowslips’ flower and provide nourishment for the bees as they emerge from their winter sleep. Cowslips are a particular favourite of mine. They transport me back to my childhood growing up in Dorset where the chalky hills around our village would take on a yellowy hue an I would … More A Darwinian Hybrid