Wovember wool: Introducing the Tingola Fiemmese of Trentino

Today as part of my Wovember* series on local wool, I want to talk to you about the Tingola Fiemmese. Those who read my previous Wovember post will have had a brief introduction to this breed and may recall that it was at the stall of Lana Tingola Fiemmese di Pecore Stanziali, that I said I realised that I’d found ‘my people’. It was not simply the strikingly beautiful colourful skeins of yarn and animated … More Wovember wool: Introducing the Tingola Fiemmese of Trentino

Hot on the heels, no, not a sock but a second sweater of the year!

Yes, indeed. Having discovered the speedy winning formula of short sleeves, a little cropped but with plenty of ease in the body, in my first sweater of the year, I went there again with the second. What’s more I added some motivating stripes into the mix. While it’s tempting to bask in the glory of the sweater that was knit in a week, this would never have happened if I hadn’t succumbed to covid. Within … More Hot on the heels, no, not a sock but a second sweater of the year!

A Headful of Hats…

A cursory glance at my finished projects on Ravelry (I’m Tessvintageknits there), shows quite a collection of hats completed over the last few months. In my last post I mentioned that we’re moving to Italy and as a result we’ve been busy since last summer implementing that plan. Since then the date for the final move was brought forward by a year thanks to a rather sudden turn of events, and I’ve found that as a result I’ve … More A Headful of Hats…

FUBC Shawl Kits

Today I want to tell you about a very special project I’ve been involved in with a truly exceptional woman as its spearhead. Just over a year ago my friend Susan Crawford told me that she had discovered a lump in her breast and had an appointment to see the doctor. We both quickly dismissed it as ‘probably nothing’ but of course it needed to be checked out. Unfortunately it wasn’t ‘nothing’, it was invasive … More FUBC Shawl Kits

Dorset Downs: Across the generations

To celebrate the diversity of British sheep breeds this Wool Week I want to turn to one of my favourites and a family revelation. I’ve always had a soft spot for Dorset Downs. They’re the sheep I associate with my childhood and who could not love that typically ‘teddy bear’ style Down with it’s distinctive brown face. But this weekend I found out our family has longer standing association with the Dorset Down. Whilst visiting my parents … More Dorset Downs: Across the generations