Last Weekend my parents were visiting so we decided to go to the Lakes for the day. It’s the perfect time of year to do so – not too busy, no long queues of traffic that always put me off in high season. We had a beautifully sunny day and wandered around Lake Windermere up into Ambleside.

The lakes are stunning – we actually have a view of the hills from the front of the house, looking out over Morecambe Bay to the South Lakes but it was great to be a bit closer.

I must admit I was a little envious of the person up here. My parents are not quite up to hiking up a hill but I was getting itchy for a bit of elevation.

You can just make out the human form in the centre of the picture against the cloud.

I’m always struck by the wonderful texture of the buildings constructed out of local stone and slate, especially the combination of shapes and sizes that you would think were incompatible. This is the front wall of a barn, but houses and walls are constructed in the same style.

We had a lovely day. It was great just to wander about and spend time with Mum and Dad, and the dogs are always drawn to water so they had fun too.

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