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I realise I don’t often post pictures of my knitting and I do actually knit things that aren’t samples. However, if that knitting happens to be gift knitting it’s often completed so close to the wire that it’s posted or gifted before I get decent pictures taken. But I have a couple of projects – with pictures – that I can share.

First up is my Diamonds are Forever, a design by Susan Crawford from Coronation Knits.


Coronation Knits is a lovely collection with some great patterns but it was this one that I knew was for me the minute I saw it. Except it wasn’t. I planned to modify the pattern with a size 3 bottom decreasing to a size 2 bust, but it was my holiday knit and by the time I was working the waist decreases I just followed the pattern for size 3 and kept going and completely forgot my original plan. And surprise, surprise, it then didn’t fit me. I had a couple of options – pull it back to the waist and knit the chest re-join the sleeves and knit the yoke again, or put it aside and not think about it. I did the latter for almost a year and then decided that perhaps it would fit my sister-in-law. I took it on our next visit and it not only fit her but looked great on her. So I sewed in then ends, grafted the under arms and blocked it. She loves it and I’m now planning a second which I will knit with a little more care and ensure it does fit me.


A second completed project are my Halloween socks. These were knitted as part of the Rocking Kitchen Halloween KAL. I started with Joeli’s Apple pie sock recipe and a plan to use up the orange white and black yarn and black and green yarn. This is a toe up recipe and I planned to stop when I ran out of yarn, except I didn’t. I decided to keep going and then thought I should add in some calf shaping and find a way of integrating other colours whilst retaining the Halloween theme.


These are great cosy boot socks and given I spend much of the year in boots a welcome addition to my sock drawer. They were photographed with the pumpkins as part of an ongoing conversation with a fellow KAL’er from the US who had photographed her socks with a monster home-grown pumpkin. My potimarron and gemstore are very modest in comparison.

There’s a Christmas KAL in the Rocking Kitchen group on Ravelry running until January 1st if you want to join in.


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