More Giftalong picks: tried and tested

Today I though I’d review a couple of patterns that I knit in the previous 2 giftalongs and that are available as part of the gift along again this year, and another pattern on the needles.

I know these designs don’t just look good but are also fun to knit to and have been well received by the young people who they were knit for.

First up is Rhymes with Shawl by Jenny Wiebe you can see the rest of Jenny’s discounted patterns by clicking on the GAL bundle picture here.

Not only did I knit this pattern once, but I liked it so much I knit it twice.

Top is the smaller of the two, knit to the 2-4 year old size for my great-niece and bottom is the 6-8 year old size knit for my niece.

Both are knitted in Cascade 220, integrating left overs from previous projects with a few extra skeins bought to stretch them out.

The pictures do not show them off to their best I’m afraid, they were in a state of semi-blockedness here, still damp and quickly taken back off the hangers and laid flat. I had to finish these by mid December as we were elsewhere for Christmas, and left my Mum with the wrapping instructions for once they were dry!



Hanger pictures don’t show them to their best but their suitability for energetic and robust play is perhaps best reflected in this picture sent to me by my older niece, of one of these fab garments in action at the playground:


Last year I knit 1 1/2 Riven by Rebecca Newman


© Tinylovely Knits (used with permission)

This is another pattern that I really enjoyed knitting, hence recommending it here. I completed the smaller version for my great niece, although don’t have a picture or a project page – I’m not quite sure why but I do remember it being a bit of a rush to the finish yet again. The second larger version knit for the niece modelling above is still on the needles. I’m planning to finish this one this year. My niece has got taller rather than wider and because it’s top down I can add in any additional length that may be needed to both body and sleeves. Again mine is knitted in Cascade 220 and I need to work out what additional yarn I need – I used one colour I don’t really like in it so will pull back part of the body then do the edging.

This year I’m knitting Deinte by Julie Gilliver, who has some gorgeous patterns on offer, for my great niece.


© Julie Gilliver (used with permission)

I’m started and have pretty much completed, the yoke.strap section and am now casting off prior to making the transition to the lace section. All is going well so far and I’m looking forward to moving up the needle sizes and seeing the pattern fly along.

You may note that this year with a Milo and Deinte I’m avoiding both sleeves and hoods. Hopefully this means I’ll get these done in time, along with the completed Riven as again I have to get these done by December 12th to drop them off during our pre-Christmas visit.

After that there’s the simple matter of a garter stitch hoodie to look like Knightly chain mail and a Knight’s tabard – I’m really hoping to pick up a simple sewing pattern for the latter at Harrogate today….

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