A new, fun, seasonal pattern release: Elf Stockings

Today I want to share with you a wonderfully versatile new pattern release for Elf stockings. I don’t actually know any real life Elves but in my imagination they have pointy toes and a penchant for cabled long socks, which makes these stockings just perfect. I hope they’re perfect for you too! The stockings are knit from the top down starting with the fold over ribbed cuffed can be knit flat or seamed or knit … More A new, fun, seasonal pattern release: Elf Stockings

Holidays mean Fudge: A Recipe

Ever since I joined Instagram in 2012 it seems that each Christmas I’ve posted a picture of my homemade fudge. You could almost call it a ‘tradition’. I’ve been making fudge on an off for over 30 years. As a teenager I would make large elaborate selections of sweets for aunts and uncles and family friends. In recent years the range of sweets I make has slimmed down a bit, the coconut ice has gone for … More Holidays mean Fudge: A Recipe

Gift Knitting Redux

Last year I really nailed the gift knitting thing. I knitted 7 pairs of toddler socks, a long one skein cowl, a barnraising blanket, 2 pairs of socks, 4 hats, a child’s sweater, I crocheted pot grabbers and knitted a large christmas pudding tea cosy at my mum’s request. Everything was completed in time to be wrapped and gifted completed. This was largely a reaction to stressful and prolonged gift knitting experience in 2016. I … More Gift Knitting Redux

The Finishing Line: Christmas Knitting Pt 5

I won – This year I completed all my Christmas knitting in time and avoided having to wrap any half finished knitted gifts. What’s more I did so with an hour to spare! OK, it was Boxing Day, but it was done before our extended family arrived and no food was sacrificed in the completion of the knitted gifts so we were able to feed everyone as well. Compared to previous years this feels like … More The Finishing Line: Christmas Knitting Pt 5

Nobody can see your feet: Christmas Knitting Pt 4

As nieces and nephews get older I keep getting reminded that they may not be so keen on knitted gifts from their aunt. Now, whilst I firmly believe they have fabulous taste and that my knits would meet any style criteria they may have, I thought perhaps I’d be on safer ground with socks for my teenage nieces. They live in an apartment with tile and wooden floors, so socks are at least useful. So we have … More Nobody can see your feet: Christmas Knitting Pt 4