A new, fun, seasonal pattern release: Elf Stockings

Today I want to share with you a wonderfully versatile new pattern release for Elf stockings. I don’t actually know any real life Elves but in my imagination they have pointy toes and a penchant for cabled long socks, which makes these stockings just perfect. I hope they’re perfect for you too!

Elf Stocking

The stockings are knit from the top down starting with the fold over ribbed cuffed can be knit flat or seamed or knit in the round depending on your preference with full instructions are provided for both. Once the cuff is complete you move onto the cabled section and establish this before moving onto the gusset increases and foot continuing the cables to the tips of the toes. The foot can be cast off and sewn up or Kitchener stitch grafted together, full written instructions are provided for the graft in case that’s new to you, or you’re a bit rusty.

I have to issue a bit of a warning with these, they are a bit addictive. I first designed these a couple of years ago when our knitting group was asked for some stocking cutlery holders during a fundraiser. They were very popular and word got out and I knitted rather a lot of them and the coffers of the Women’s Centre knitting group swelled as a result. With so much knitting I got the pattern laid out for publication but then Christmas came and went, then we moved house etc. and it fell by the wayside until earlier this year when I was looking though my almost ready patterns. I procrastinated a little over whether to release this more whimsical pattern, but once I got the needles and yarn out and started knitting a sample, I enjoyed it so much I decided to go ahead. Crazily, having already knitted loads in the past, I didn’t have a single sample left.

Elf Stocking Cutlery holder / place setting

So the pattern is now fully revised and tested ready for you to knit your own stockings.

The 4 ply version is perfect as a tree decoration and you can happily sneak in a celebration, hero or similar chocolate to sweeten the effect. Knit 25 and you could make a wonderful Advent garland.

Elf Stocking Garland

The DK version is just the right size for cutlery holder, the original inspiration for the pattern.

But if you’re knitting an advent garland, you could always add this slightly larger stocking for the 25th…

If you need something a little bigger still, work your stocking in aran yarn and you’ll be able to stuff it with lots of little goodies.

These are perfect for leftovers and scraps with the 4 ply version taking a total of approx 6g of yarn, the DK abut 10g and the aran version just 20g.

The most important thing with these is to have fun making them and appreciate the joy they bring others.

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Have fun and enjoy your knitting,

Until next time,

All the best,

Tess xxx

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