New Pattern Release: The Dorotea Cowl

Today I’m really excited to share with you my latest pattern release; the Dorotea Cowl. This pattern has been in my head for quite a while so it was really great to get it out of my head, onto, and off my needles and for it to have turned out exactly as I had imagined it first time. For me it combines the need to look good with the need to function well just perfectly. … More New Pattern Release: The Dorotea Cowl

Natural Dyeing Experiments: Pomegranate

After my high hopes for Dyer’s Camomile were somewhat dashed, I wavered as to whether pomegranate should be my next experiment. The colour swatches in Wild Colour by Jenny Dean seemed a little muddy and off putting compared to the vibrant yellows of Dyers Camomile which had attracted me, but I had failed to achieve. I think it was actually the thought of yet more beige that was lurking in the back of my mind that … More Natural Dyeing Experiments: Pomegranate