New Pattern Release: The Dorotea Cowl

Today I’m really excited to share with you my latest pattern release; the Dorotea Cowl. This pattern has been in my head for quite a while so it was really great to get it out of my head, onto, and off my needles and for it to have turned out exactly as I had imagined it first time. For me it combines the need to look good with the need to function well just perfectly. … More New Pattern Release: The Dorotea Cowl

Pattern Re-release: The Bryanston Beret

One of my plans for this year, along with releasing a backlog of patterns from the summer onwards, is to upgrade and re-release some of my older patterns. Some have been withdrawn awaiting significant re-working, others just need an update in formatting and some extra size options. For example, my Wraparound Eyelet Shawlette is currently being re-written with 2 larger size options. The first pattern to have received this re-write and upgrading is my Bryanston … More Pattern Re-release: The Bryanston Beret

#fubc Shawl Kit Pattern Reveal

Today is a very special day and the culmination of an inspiring collaboration that has brought together a strong community of mainly but not exclusively women, many who know each other well and some who have never met but all focussed on one thing, supporting those who have a cancer diagnosis or care for someone who has. In my last post I introduced the project with and its different components, the Knocker Jotter, the yarn, … More #fubc Shawl Kit Pattern Reveal

Socks for Christmas: Christmas knits 5 and 6

It used to be a bit of joke in our family that if you couldn’t think of a present for my Dad, then socks were always useful. Each year my Dad would get a selection of socks, some serious, some jokey and there were certain relatives who could be depended on year after year to replenish his sock drawer. Well this year I became that relative. I did at least knit the socks and we … More Socks for Christmas: Christmas knits 5 and 6

Common’s Drape: A new shawl design

Common’s Drape is my new shawl launched to mark the 175th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Hardy at Higher Bockhampton, Dorset.   The name comes from the poem, ‘On a Heath’, I could hear a gown-skirt rustling         Before I could see her shape, Rustling through the heather         That wove the common’s drape, On that evening of dark weather         When I hearkened, lips agape. And the town-shine in the distance         Did … More Common’s Drape: A new shawl design