#fubc Shawl Kit Pattern Reveal

Today is a very special day and the culmination of an inspiring collaboration that has brought together a strong community of mainly but not exclusively women, many who know each other well and some who have never met but all focussed on one thing, supporting those who have a cancer diagnosis or care for someone who has.

In my last post I introduced the project with and its different components, the Knocker Jotter, the yarn, the dyers, and showed some teaser pictures of the shawl patterns to be included in the kits. Over the next week I’ll be sharing more in-depth posts about some of these components and today I want to share the shawl patterns with you.

#fubc Shawl No.1  – designed by my good friend and driving force behind the shawl kits, Susan Crawford.

#fubc Shawl No.1 in the Susan Colourway dyed by Old Maiden Aunt

Susan’s shawl is knit top down and as the dyed yarn is introduced, a series of short rows create a striking design feature before transitioning into raised rib and a lace edging. The effect of the short rows and the lace edging create a wide shawl with lovely drape at the tips.

#fubc Shawl No.1 in the Karen Colourway dyed by Skein Queen

Susan’ Shawl is just so wearable as these pictures show. I can also vouch for the Ghyll yarn blooming into lovely fabric to wear around your neck and to being incredibly warm.

#fubc Shawl No.1 in the Victoria Colourway dyed by Countess Ablaze and modelled by Victoria

#fubc Shawl No.2 was designed by myself.

My shawl is knitted from side to side, staring with the smaller tip, knitting both dyed yarn and the natural undyed lace edging as you go, then bringing the lace up around the wider end.

#fubc Shawl No.2 in the Susan Colourway dyed by Old Maiden Aunt

Again the shawl can wrapped around to keep the neck, shoulders and chest nice and warm.

#fubc Shawl No.2 in the Jo Colourway dyed by Knitting Goddess and the Karen Colourway dyed by Skein Queen

I think what makes both of these shawls so wearable is the shape. Our design brief was to design shawls inspired by the horns of the Lonk Sheep whose wool we were using. These schematics produced by Gavin Crawford I think capture how the shawls met this brief.

#fubc Shawl No.1                                                                               #fubc Shawl No.2


To order your kit – available for shipping from tomorrow, please visit the Susan Crawford Vintage Website

There are just 400 kits available in total with a significant proportion already snapped up in pre-orders.

The Lonk yarn, Ghyll, so beautifully dyed for these kits is an exclusive for the kits alone and all of the 2016 clip has been dedicated to this project.






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