#fubc Shawl No. 2: A long awaited make over

Today I want to re-introduce you to my latest pattern release, a shawl I designed over 3 years ago back in October 2017, and to re-visit the design process behind it. So much has happened since then, sometimes it’s good to look back and see things in a wider perspective, to appreciate our achievements, and celebrate our strength and capacity to overcome. The pattern was certainly designed as a celebration, marking the completion of my … More #fubc Shawl No. 2: A long awaited make over

Natural Dyeing Experiments: Pomegranate

After my high hopes for Dyer’s Camomile were somewhat dashed, I wavered as to whether pomegranate should be my next experiment. The colour swatches in Wild Colour by Jenny Dean seemed a little muddy and off putting compared to the vibrant yellows of Dyers Camomile which had attracted me, but I had failed to achieve. I think it was actually the thought of yet more beige that was lurking in the back of my mind that … More Natural Dyeing Experiments: Pomegranate

#fubc Shawl Kit Pattern Reveal

Today is a very special day and the culmination of an inspiring collaboration that has brought together a strong community of mainly but not exclusively women, many who know each other well and some who have never met but all focussed on one thing, supporting those who have a cancer diagnosis or care for someone who has. In my last post I introduced the project with and its different components, the Knocker Jotter, the yarn, … More #fubc Shawl Kit Pattern Reveal