10 years of blogging… a ‘revelation’… and a gift

I can’t say I really knew what to expect when I hit publish on my first blog ten years ago. I didn’t really say, I think I just wanted to break the ice and my first few steps were tentative indeed. 10 years on I’m still here, typing away, and although my current stats don’t quite reach the heady heights of 2015, I’m probably enjoying it more than ever. In particular, the level of direct … More 10 years of blogging… a ‘revelation’… and a gift

#fubc Shawl No. 2: A long awaited make over

Today I want to re-introduce you to my latest pattern release, a shawl I designed over 3 years ago back in October 2017, and to re-visit the design process behind it. So much has happened since then, sometimes it’s good to look back and see things in a wider perspective, to appreciate our achievements, and celebrate our strength and capacity to overcome. The pattern was certainly designed as a celebration, marking the completion of my … More #fubc Shawl No. 2: A long awaited make over

#fubc Shawl Kit: The Knocker Jotter, an Interview with Susan and Victoria

One of the key components of the #fubc Shawl kits is the ‘Knocker Jotter’, a glossy journal containing the portraits of 16 remarkable women who have not only been through what the introduction describes as ‘the harrowing journey of cancer, the diagnosis, the treatment, the side effects and living with them all’, but who also wanted to put themselves ‘out there’ so that others in a similar situation would not feel alone. They show not … More #fubc Shawl Kit: The Knocker Jotter, an Interview with Susan and Victoria

#fubc Shawl Kit Pattern Reveal

Today is a very special day and the culmination of an inspiring collaboration that has brought together a strong community of mainly but not exclusively women, many who know each other well and some who have never met but all focussed on one thing, supporting those who have a cancer diagnosis or care for someone who has. In my last post I introduced the project with and its different components, the Knocker Jotter, the yarn, … More #fubc Shawl Kit Pattern Reveal

FUBC Shawl Kits

Today I want to tell you about a very special project I’ve been involved in with a truly exceptional woman as its spearhead. Just over a year ago my friend Susan Crawford told me that she had discovered a lump in her breast and had an appointment to see the doctor. We both quickly dismissed it as ‘probably nothing’ but of course it needed to be checked out. Unfortunately it wasn’t ‘nothing’, it was invasive … More FUBC Shawl Kits