A Headful of Hats…

A cursory glance at my finished projects on Ravelry (I’m Tessvintageknits there), shows quite a collection of hats completed over the last few months. In my last post I mentioned that we’re moving to Italy and as a result we’ve been busy since last summer implementing that plan. Since then the date for the final move was brought forward by a year thanks to a rather sudden turn of events, and I’ve found that as a result I’ve … More A Headful of Hats…

Mills in our Midst 1: Munrospun, Restalrig

In a previous post on Munrospun yoke sweater kits I highlighted two directions that my digging about to find out more about about the kits had taken me in.  I made reference to a Munrospun factory in Restalrig in Edinburgh, and to Bernat Klein a one time employee of Munrospun. Today I want to follow up the first of these references. My attention had originally been drawn to the fact that Munrospun had a factory … More Mills in our Midst 1: Munrospun, Restalrig

Afterthought Heels from Yesteryear: Another ‘Nothing New Under the Sun’ realisation

I’ve written before about how easy it is to overlook how innovative and creative previous generations of knitters were. Putting it like that I’m sure many of us would say, ‘oh no, not at all’, but then we come across something that reveals, in our surprise, exactly that. Today I want to share a pattern from a book that sparked my interest for exactly this reason. This is an American pattern book by Clarks O.N.T … More Afterthought Heels from Yesteryear: Another ‘Nothing New Under the Sun’ realisation

Socking it to Christmas : Gift knitting Pt 1

Last year’s gift knitting experience was a chastening one. The final knit gifted was completed on the 8th January. Whilst the fact that my nephew received it wrapped up with the sleeve stitches on waste yarn does not appear to have dampened his enthusiasm for his sweater, it dampened my enthusiasm for last minute gift knitting. This was reinforced by the fact that my niece never received the sweater I was knitting for her until … More Socking it to Christmas : Gift knitting Pt 1


I’m very pleased to be able to announce the release of my newest shawl pattern, Anthriscus. Launched at Woolfest, Anthriscus is a ‘V’ shaped shawl knit from tip to tip, starting at one end and increasing to the centre, working a contrast central section with short rows then working decreases in the third colour to the opposite tip. Knitted in textured stitches on 5mm needles the Fenella yarn creates a lovely fabric with fabulous drape. The shawl … More Anthriscus