I’m very pleased to be able to announce the release of my newest shawl pattern, Anthriscus.


Launched at Woolfest, Anthriscus is a ‘V’ shaped shawl knit from tip to tip, starting at one end and increasing to the centre, working a contrast central section with short rows then working decreases in the third colour to the opposite tip. Knitted in textured stitches on 5mm needles the Fenella yarn creates a lovely fabric with fabulous drape.

The shawl below is knitted in limited edition colours, hand dyed by Jess at Ginger Twist Studios as part of Susan’s epic Vintage Shetland Project and captured on film! I felt very privileged to design this pattern for these stunning colours.


When worn wrapped around, the first and third colours overlap and the third colour is not visible. This means you can play with fun colour contrasts and include a colour that you like, but don’t want to wear close to your face. I currently have the yarn ready for my own Anthriscus in standard Fenella colours, Roman Plaster, Myristica and Phthalo.


This pattern, like Clemmie, Alconleigh and Heywood Hill have been designed for the Susan Crawford Vintage label, and when I struggled for a name Susan came to the rescue. ‘Anthriscus’ is short for Anthriscus sylvestristhe latin name for cow parsley or as it may be more pleasantly known, Queen Anne’s Lace. It may not be immediately obvious why this shawl might make anyone think of cow parsley with its umbels of white flowers, but once the flower has taken centre stage in many a hedgerow, it then transforms and provides a background to later hedgerow flowers which is both nuanced and vibrant. Maybe you’ll see the connection in these pictures:




Pattern details:

You can buy the pattern via Ravelry here. (You do not need to be a member of ravelry to make a purchase from the site.)

The PDF pattern costs £4

You can also purchase or take a look at all the possible colour combinations of Fenella in the Susan Crawford Vintage online shop

Materials Required:

2 skeins of shade A – Caramel

1 skein of shade B – Sloe Gin

2 skeins of shade C – Verdigris

Pair of 5mm (US 8) needles



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