Wovember Samplers

If you’ve not heard of the new Campaign ‘Wovember’ launched by Kate Davies and Felicity Ford, then you’re in for a treat when you do.

The aim of the campaign, outlined in the petition is to celebrate the unique qualities of wool ‘together with the skills, crafts and labour involved in its production, is currently being devalued through widespread misuse of the words and qualities associated with it.’ and asserts that ‘Consumers are being misled, and ignorance about WOOL is being promoted, through spurious branding, marketing and product descriptions.’ If you have any doubts that this is the case, visit the Hall of Shame on the website.

So are you up for the challenge of wearing as much wool as you in November?

I’ve been trying to do so and will share with you some of may favourite wool clothes throughout the month through little samplers.

I started off with a black wool skirt by Hammer – I love this ankle length skirt which is made of panels of 100% wool fabric, fitted to the knees from which it flares out. I also love the advice on the care label which explains: ‘Pilling (little wool balls) might occur if this especially soft outer material is worn excessively hard i.e. due to friction. You can carefully remove these little balls by simply picking them off with your fingers’. I must admit I’ve not had a pilling issue with the skirt so obviously I’m not wearing it ‘excessively hard’.

This tends to be paired with a wool jumper, wool tights and my lovely vintage Karl Lagerfeld Tweed check jacket – with which I do have a pilling issue and have to shave it every couple of day, but I love it so I do it.

Another favourite is my 100% wool Liberty button through shirt dress. This is new to me, I love it and have had many  compliments on it. Those familiar with my Vintage Challenge may have picked up on the ‘new to me’ in that sentence, and be wondering ‘how many clothing rea;ted challenges in one year?’ Indeed.

This lovely dress came courtesy of Oxfam. Just look at the wonderful vibrant fabric design:

Another favourite is my little Laura Ashley knee length not quite A-line skirt in this great 100% wool fabric:

And when I want to engulfed in the softest wool, I pull on P’s cast off sweater which is huge on me, but perfectly warm:

these items are perfect with wool tights, wool coats; of which I have many and more of later, and of course hand knitted wool accessories.

So far so good. Only once did I overdo it and, in layers of wool, thought I might have to be revived by my fellow knitters at the Lancaster Knit Cafe. I had layered up perfectly for the cold outside, but slightly overheated once I got inside… then again, it could have been a hot flush…

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