We are very lucky to live both on the coast and with mountains in view. We can look across Morecambe Bay into the South Lakes. It is this landscape which inspired my new shawl pattern ‘Derwentwater’ named after what is probably my favourite of the lakes. Again it’s that combination of the water and the hills that surround it. These are the two things I aimed to represent in this shawl with the textured stitch reflecting the rippling water interspersed with bargello lace peaks:

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This pattern is ideal for beginners since it combines a simple 2 stitch, 4 row textured pattern repeat with the 9 stitch, 8 row lace repeat. You just need to know how to knit 2 stitches together, knit into the front and back of stitches, knit purl and do yarn overs. The pattern is easy to remember and work, making it a quick knit for more experienced knitters. It’s knitted in 4 ply/fingering yarn on 4mm (US6) needles and you need just 400m of yarn. The shawl will need blocking to open out the stitch patterns – If it looks a bit small and unimpressive as it comes off the needles, don’t worry, a good block will totally transform it.

I particularly like this shape and have been wearing this almost non stop, indoors and out, since the pictures were taken. I wear it with the central ‘V’ at the back and wrapped around so I have two ‘Vs’ at the front which I line up a little closer than in the picture below. Yes, that’s me, trying to get over my intense dislike of being in front of the camera. I also needed a picture of myself for something rather exciting that I’ll be blogging about shortly!

My version is knitted in Eden Cottage BFL sock in Night Sky. This is a hand dyed yarn and Vikki does create some stunning colours. It has a beautifully soft hand whilst knitting but becomes even softer on blocking which I’d heard, but not really thought likely, oh me of little faith. It also holds the blocked shape really well during wearing. Oh and of course, being wool it’s lovely and warm, which is perfect, because we may have fabulous views up here on coastal north England, but it can also be incredibly nippy and blowy.

This pattern is available from my usual  pattern outlets linked via the Shawls, Wraps and Drapes page of my Pattern Store


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