Bike Rally Rhubarb and other fundraising…

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks but the fundraising has continued.  Week three and four have been possible thanks to the great support of some lovely friends.

First up, my friend Anna offered to have some of my hand made items on her craft stall as part of Lancaster Comedy and Arts Festival over the May bank holiday weekend. Anna is a whizz with the sewing machine which can be seen on her Facebook page Crafty Daws and in the selection of items on her stall here, along with the knitted key rings she sold on my behalf:


I also put a few bits and pieces on ebay and between us we raised £36.51 or 67.59 CAD which has been donated on behalf of Ken.

Then week 4’s fundraising came at the end of the week. My friend and collaborator on Knits for a Cold Climate, Susan Crawford lives on a farm just up the road and was having a Barn Sale this weekend. There was lots of yarn, fabric, haberdashery, vintage patterns, vintage clothes and homeware. We’ve been working on this for a few weeks, although to be fair Susan, Gavin and their extended family have been working all hours in preparation, and it all looked pretty good.







It was a lovely weekend; a great opportunity to chat to knitters and vintage lovers who’d come from far and wide and just down the road. I generally find talking about other people’s knitting so much more fun than talking about my own. I think it’s the way people share their stories and how the love for those they knit for, comes through in those stories. But there’s also something about how we knitters define ourselves and come to know our selves through our knitting and reveal it so openly when we talk to other knitters.

On the fundraising front, I made what I think can now be called my ‘famed’ rhubarb shortbread, this isn’t the only only compliment it received, and printed out copies of the recipe for those purchasing Rhubarb at the sale. All 11lb of rhubarb was sold. The proceeds from this, along with the vanilla fudge, ginger fudge and plants I contributed raised a total of £38.00 or $70.34 CAD and this has been donated on behalf of Stephanie

So here’s the running totals:

Week 1 (w/c 11/5):    $25.00      £13.72

Week 2 (w/c 18/5):    $47.79      £27.00

Week 3 (w/c 25/5):    $67.59      £36.51

Week 4 (w/c 1/6):      $70.34      £38.00

Total:                         $210.72     £115.23

Huge thanks to everyone who’s helped along the way:

Anna, Debbie, Susan, Gavin, Dorothy, Roy, Charlie, Dennis, Paolo, Miranda, Shirley

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