Evolution: An exciting new title from Susan Crawford

Evolution is the result of ongoing inspiration from Susan’s most recent Tour de force, The Vintage Shetland Project, which I’ve knitted for and from and blogged about at some length previously. Susan, via her newsletter, explains the relationship between the two:

As I worked on The Vintage Shetland Project, I naturally found inspiration at every turn, and slowly the concept of a ‘modern’ collection inspired by the period pieces from the Museum began to form, evolving from the original inspiration into wearable contemporary pieces.

As with so much of Susan’s work, while the patterns can stand alone, we are also given an insight into the creative, technical, historical and social contexts of each design and in addition in this book, how the original item from the Shetland Museum inspired the new design.

The low down:

  • 12 designs in all. Sweaters, cardigans, a waistcoat and accessories including hats and mittens.
  • A good selection of Fair Isle pieces
  • Projects for knitters of all abilities.
  • A much more generous size range than vintage designs sometimes allow. All the garment range from 28 inches to 62 inches (70cm to 156cm) chest.
  • Yarns used include range of yarns from Fingering (4 Ply), DK and worsted (aran) weights.
  • A number of designs including Orchid, the cover design, include instructions for both a Fingering weight version and a DK weight version.


  • Every two weeks commencing Friday 10th January (2020), a pattern from the Collection will be published and provided as a PDF download to purchasers. 
  • Once all 12 patterns have been released, the print version of the book will be published at the end of June and will be dispatched to all purchasers.
  • Purchasers receive a PDF version of the book included in the price. 
  • You can of course sign up at any point, receiving the already-released patterns when you do.

Early adopters – those purchasing by the 31st January (2020) – will get a 15% discount so the book including fortnightly pattern releases, additional essays and a PDF version for £21.25 rather than the full price of £25.00.

To purchase directly from Susan visit her website

To purchase via Ravelry

I’m so looking forward to getting started on the first pattern from the collection, Orchid, over the weekend…

For those who are keen to be mindful in their consumption and purchases this year, this form of pattern release and book production with up front payment really helps small creative businesses. The more people who purchase the book at first release, the easier it is to gauge demand and fund production of the patterns, paying tech editors etc. in a timely manner and cover the capital costs of printing the book.