Get Garter: Another Classic from Woolly Wormhead

If you’re looking for a treat this weekend, maybe you should check out Get Garter, the new ebook from Woolly Wormhead, which I can’t help but feel is going to become something of an instant classic. It combines Woolly’s talent for innovative construction, great fit and styles to suit all, with all the support and tutorials you need to turn you hat knitting on it’s side and your world on it’s head.

Now if you’ve read my previous post A Headful of Hats you’ll know that I have a soft spot for Woolly’s designs and have knit a fair few of her sideways designs from previous collections such as Elemental and Painted Woolly Toppers so in many ways I’m already a convert to this approach and something of an advocate, especially when it’s combined with garter stitch. To be able to combine the structure of the garter fabric with the visual impact of the variegated yarns used here is quite something, and whilst Woolly suggests that ‘Get Garter is an entry-level guide to sideways Hat knitting’, the result are sure to impress.

Beret from Get Garter – image copyright Woolly Wormhead

So, enough excitement, here’s the technical details – the eBook contains

  • 6 new sideways knit Hat designs, beanie, beret, pixie, square top, comfort slouch and envelope slouch for fingering and sock weight yarn,
  • a beginner’s guide to sideways Hat knitting; each of the 6 designs also comes with a construction guide that walks you through how to knit the same design with any weight yarn for any size head.
  • a whole section on hat anatomy, the maths behind the construction method, sizing, gauge etc.

When Woolly offers 48 pages crammed full of information she’s developed over the years and wants to share so that we too can enjoy sideways knitting as much she does, well you know you’re in for something special indeed.

Moreover, Woolly’s pricing also reflects her commitment to financial inclusion and this new eBook is no different. Priced at 14 Euros when purchased from her own site or $17US when purchased via Ravelry, in both cases the book will be saved to your Ravelry library.

If that’s still a stretch, you could consider signing up from Woolly Hat Society membership which is Woolly’s newsletter where you get advance notice and exclusive discount codes for new releases. You can join here.

If you are able and feel that you’d like to support Woolly’s work more fully, you can do so by making a regular monthly commitment through Patreon. This gives additional behind the scenes insights into Woolly’s work and provides a stability of income that is so rare in the creative industries.

No doubt I’ll be talking about Get Garter in future blog posts; we have a trip coming up and that means car knitting so now I’m thinking of a little stash dive and a delve into the book…