Alconleigh: A new Knit for a Cold Climate

Alconleigh is my new design for the Knits for a Cold Climate collection a collaboration with Susan Crawford and Karie Westermann for the Susan Crawford Vintage label. Following on the heels of Nancy, Clemmie, Asthall and Noblesse Oblige, the collection is really coming together and there are still more exciting new designs in the works. When discussing Knits for a Cold Climate with Susan I knew I wanted to design a hat. After all during … More Alconleigh: A new Knit for a Cold Climate

Out and about

I have been thrilled to see mention of my designs elsewhere in the last few days so thought I would share these sightings. Firstly I was contacted by Spinnygonzalez on Ravelry asking if she could include a mention of my Mimizan hat pattern in a blog post she was writing linked to the Ravelry Indie Gift-A-Long.  I was very happy for her to do so and even more happy when I saw the link to the post tweeted, … More Out and about