Small World

October wasn’t a great month for me. I had a pretty bad car accident and whilst I wasn’t badly hurt it really shook me up and took a while for me to get my head around what had happened. It did mean that my head wasn’t in a good place for work and dealing with spreadsheets and data and instead I focussed on some new designs. Working out the crown decreases on a hat was … More Small World

Olde Fleece to New Fleece

I had reason to spend a few hours in Kendal last week, which became a perfect excuse to check out a yarn shop that I’d not been to before. However, making my way there, it occurred to me that they knew how to name a pub in 1654: The Olde Fleece Inn is generally accepted as Kendal’s oldest surviving Inn and one of its few remaining timber framed buildings. Apparently it was originally called the Golden Fleece … More Olde Fleece to New Fleece

Wovember Samplers

If you’ve not heard of the new Campaign ‘Wovember’ launched by Kate Davies and Felicity Ford, then you’re in for a treat when you do. The aim of the campaign, outlined in the petition is to celebrate the unique qualities of wool ‘together with the skills, crafts and labour involved in its production, is currently being devalued through widespread misuse of the words and qualities associated with it.’ and asserts that ‘Consumers are being misled, … More Wovember Samplers