That Rhubarb Time of Year

Most allotmenters will recognise this scenario. You take on a plot and beat back the weeds and undergrowth and have a moment of discovery when you come across a rhubarb patch. It seems that every plot has an obligatory few, or many, rhubarb plants.  Once established they do their thing, cropping annually and early without the allotment holder paying them any attention. They seem like the ideal plant to have, if you like rhubarb that … More That Rhubarb Time of Year

The Vintage Shetland Project: Vaila

Today I want to share my experience of knitting my Vaila cardigan from The Vintage Shetland Project by Susan Crawford. This was my first all over colour work garment with steeks, so was both a joy to knit and a definite learning experience. I’m not entirely new to colour work. I knitted the samples of the Twageos hat and Stromfirth Socks for the book, along with a few lace sleeves for other patterns to help finish … More The Vintage Shetland Project: Vaila