Christmas Knits No.4 – Straightfoward Mittens indeed

My fourth Christmas knit is now completed. These are Mone Dräger’s aptly named Straightforward Mitts and they are exactly that. Just enough pattern not to be completely boring, but easy enough for car knitting as we made our way south for Christmas. Here’s one waiting at the Channel Tunnel Check in: The pattern is worked up the side of the hand and adds interest to both the back of the hand and the palm. The rib … More Christmas Knits No.4 – Straightfoward Mittens indeed

More Christmas Makes: Candied Peel

Candied peel seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate. I’m in the former camp, along with my partner, my mum and a number of our friends, so I don’t need much encouragement to make a fair quantity of it at this time of year. As a result I’ve tried a wide range of recipes and methods over the years and have arrived at a method that seems to work every time, … More More Christmas Makes: Candied Peel

Christmas Knit No.2 (and 3)

It’s done! Yes, the second of my Christmas knits is knitted, wrapped and left at my parents ready for opening on the big day. Following on from my Milo for my great nephew was the Deinte for his big sister my great niece. I chose the 6 year old size and there was a surprising amount of knitting in it – well surprising if you don’t really engage your brain to actually consider the size … More Christmas Knit No.2 (and 3)