Christmas Knits No.4 – Straightfoward Mittens indeed

My fourth Christmas knit is now completed.


These are Mone Dräger’s aptly named Straightforward Mitts and they are exactly that. Just enough pattern not to be completely boring, but easy enough for car knitting as we made our way south for Christmas. Here’s one waiting at the Channel Tunnel Check in:


The pattern is worked up the side of the hand and adds interest to both the back of the hand and the palm.


The rib pulls in the mitts which is great because these are for my niece and I’m not sure if her hands are quite as big as mine yet.


These mitts are worked in Malabrigo Finito in the Estragon Colourway, yarn I won in a design competition in the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry with my Ringwood Socks. I used just 35g even having added an extra 6 rounds to the cuff rib, and extra 7 rounds at the fingers and an extra three on the thumb. The Finito is a merino and wow, it really is soft. It’s available here in the UK from Tangled Yarn.

This yarn is lovely to knit with and I love that the colourway is Estragon, I’m assuming based on the Spanish for the herb Tarragon, but I’d love to think there’s a secret Samuel Beckett fan over at Malabrigo.


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